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The mission of UEICT is to protect general interests of its members by actively working to establish of information e-society in this country, to develop the Armenian ICT industry and the ICT market in general and to make efforts  for positioning Armenia as high-tech leading country in the global IT map.

Upon the initiative of a number of ICT companies, in September 2015 the Union of Employers of Information and Communication Technologies (UE ICT) has been established in Armenia with the aim of presenting and defending rights and interests of ICT employers.

Currently, leading companies of Armenia and Universities preparing ICT professionals joined the Union, and the number of members keeps growing. It should be mentioned that among them companies with the biggest number of employees of ICT industry are involved. See more…

To evolve an electronic society in Armenian world where people are rich in information, empowered by knowledge, infused with a distinctive value-system.

A Networked Community

To become member, the representative submits the application as well as the copy of the state registration certificate. Two board members of the Union guarantee the application, and after the board decides on approval.