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Silicon Mountains workshop

Silicon Mountains workshop

What We Do

On December 4-5 2019 UEICT is organizing “Silicon Mountains” workshop. This workshop will be a preliminary event for an annual international expert Sammit which will be on 2020.

This Workshop will become a platform  for the leading companies of the field to present their smart solutions, discuss the challenges and development directions for upcoming years  (Cybersecurity, IoT technology, 5G, self-controlled devices, Big Data, Infrastructure security,  Microelectronics, Machine learning, AI, Smart City, Smart Home, etc).

The host and speaker of this year event is Dr. Takeo Kanade, father of Robotix, japaneese scientist, winner of Global IT Award’19.

During the workshop panel discussions will be organized on Industrial cybersecurity, Smart Cities, IoT, etc.



Matenadaran Hall

Marriott Armenia Hall 




Union of Employers of ICT

General sponsor:



The project beneficiaries will be local and international organizations providing smart solutions, all sectors of the economy and young professionals.

Affiliated bodies

UEICT, ICT community, leading companies, technologically oriented universities of Armenia and young specialists/students.