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Advanced Technology Institute of Armenia (ATIA).

Advanced Technology Institute of Armenia (ATIA).

What We Do


For the development and a more rapid growth of IT sphere of Armenia besides a large number of IT specialists it is also important to ensure a high level of job requirement satisfaction according to international standards of employability. One of the solutions, probably the most successful is the collaboration between Synopsys-Armenia and NPUA on the implementation of joint educational program. The success and efficiency of the program is evident. “We couldn’t be able to grow so fast without having this training,” noted Mr. H. Musayelyan, Director of the Synopsys Armenia. The cooperation between Synopsys-Armenia and NPUA gave birth to idea of establishment of ATIA. And based on this experience it is proposed to establish a new institution of Advanced Technologies in Armenia on the base of NPUA, which will join leading IT companies and specialists, professionals, lecturers, international high-level specialists, developers, as well as starters. ATIA will be based on the National Polytechnic University of Armenia Foundation, operating as an independent organization inside the building, offering Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programs, awarding academic degrees (including Candidate of Science, PhD, DSc) with a low participation with Polytechnic University. A number of enterprises of IT sector will become founding members of ATIA.
ATIA mission is to establish education center of 3rd generation which will create high qualified specialists, will promote realization of ICT sector researches and will serve as a business incubator.
ATIA courses will provide unique opportunities for the students. The institute will offer internationally competitive education that will enable students to get higher paid jobs after graduation, and this will make Armenian young people live and work in their country.