Project “Skill Boost: Tech Upskilling Initiative”

Description of the service: The Union of Employers of ICT is looking for an experienced company to design and deliver tailor-made training courses, offering the most demanded skills to the SMEs, with the aim to address the skill mismatch in the growing industries in the target sectors of Armenia.

Level of Work: The assignment of design and delivery of training program will be carried out within 3 months (26 September 2022– 25 December 2022).

In the scope of the service, it is envisaged that about 400 beneficiaries (SMEs and young people) will be selected and supported. Based on the location, participants will be divided into groups, accordingly, and each group will consist of 25-30 participants. Training for Yerevan groups will be conducted offline and training for beneficiaries from regions will be conducted online to enable SMEs to be engaged and benefited from the program. The duration of each group must last 10 hours.

Work Type:  Service provision

Start Date:  26 September 2022

Deadline: 25 December 2022

About the Company:  The Union of Employers of Information and Communication Technology was established in 2015 in Armenia by Unicomp, Viva-MTS, Synopsys Armenia, IntellCors and a number of other large ICT companies. The Union is the only one in Armenia with the ICT-oriented educational institutions of RA as members of the union. The Union represents major ICT and tech sector companies and brings a collective experience of high-tech education, data management, e-governance and telecommunication.

The goals of the Union are:

  • Protect the interests of union members
  • Promote trainings of staff per the requirements of ICT and related areas
  • Assist the programs aimed at approach and fusion of science and production
  • Raise awareness of Armenia in the international arena
  • Implement programs promoting the growth of local and foreign investments in the sphere
  • Business and legal consultation

For more information, please visit https://ueict.org/en/

About the Project:

Union of Employers of ICT of Armenia has offered partnership and expertise to the RECONOMY program of Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans in the implementation of RECONOMY strategy in Armenia. Current proposal aims to generate and enhance economic opportunities for the disadvantaged groups in Armenia with a special focus on women and youth.

Specific objectives include:

  1. Address skill mismatch in the economy through research and skillbuilding actions;
  2. Support ecosystem development by incubating a cohort of startups in priority economic directions;
  3. Build a conducive ecosystem for the sustainability of impact through advocacy and public awareness actions.

In order to address the objectives, UEICT has designed a set of interventions. These include a deep dive research into the context and needs on the ground, as well as upskilling and reskilling actions aiming to address the skill mismatch in the growing industries in the target sectors of Armenia (hospitality, agriculture, manufacturing, etc), digital upgrade for SMEs and public awareness campaign.

Scope of work

  • Design and implement marketing campaigns combining digital and offline channels to ensure awareness about the opportunity among target SMEs
  • Recruit and select the beneficiaries based on the developed selection criteria and methodology
  • Develop a methodology and a training program on digitalization of SMEs; including but not limited to digital marketing, e-commerce,  business process automation and cybersecurity
  • Undertake and implement training sessions on digital solutions for up to 400 participants
  • Develop a program for implementation of comprehensive training-of-trainers course for the selected beneficiaries
  • Deliver TOT sessions with the following main topics:
  1. Digital Marketing (Digital strategy development, main tools of Digital Marketing: Web-page, Social Media Pages, E-mail marketing, Blogging, SEO, Digital Marketing objectives, Social media, including SMM strategy, the importance of it, and the practical tools of social media.
  2. E-commerce (Importance of online sales nowadays, types of online sales platforms, Web page as a sales platform, intermediate e-commerce web-pages, main types of online payment systems)
  3. Business Process Automation (Main types of business automation systems (CRM, ERP, etc.), the importance and added value of the business process automation in the business)
  4. Cybersecurity, including basics of safe operations on digital platform, Types of digital risks and threats, the ways to minimize digital risks and fight against digital attacks, etc.

It’s important to note, that any topic can be revised and updated based on the request of UEICT and other stakeholders, as well as a result of need assessment of beneficiary SMEs in the targeted sectors.

  • Develop narrative report on the implemented activities in English, including but not limited to the context of the activity; objectives; participants; organization of the training; development of the training session; methodology; workshop delivery; evaluation of the session.

Expected results and deliverables:

  • Disseminated information among the beneficiaries on upskilling and reskilling opportunities
  • Developed methodology on tailor-made training courses on the most demanded skills of the SMEs
  • Delivered training for up to 400 beneficiaries (SMEs and young people) in Yerevan and different regions in Armenia with the aim to address the skill mismatch in the growing industries in the target sectors in Armenia;
  • Improved awareness and understanding the relevance of the approach;
  • Ability to replicate methods on other projects in other contexts;
  • Reference resources produced, with updated tags for effective use of methods/methodology and examples of good practices;
  • Generation of a track-record of successful individuals or groups.

Required qualifications and skills

  • The applicant company must be registered for at least 3 (three) years
  • Has proven experience of organization of trainings, particularly on digital transformation and digital economy
  • Expertise of work with SMEs, understanding of Armenian business environment
  • Capacity of organization of trainings for several groups in parallel
  • Track record of implemented training-of-trainers (TOT) sessions
  • Profound experience of working with international donor organizations
  • The involved trainers must have at least 3 years of experience in digital marketing, e-commerce and/or business process automation tools.
  • The involved trainers must have profound experience in conducting training

Deadline and Application Procedure

Interested candidates who meet the above-mentioned requirements and eager to join the UEICT are welcome to send required documents mentioned below to email: Info@ueict.org, and cc lusine.tangyan@ueict.org. Please indicate “Service for Upskilling and Reskilling” in the subject line of the email.

UEICT invites interested candidates to submit the following documents by 20/09/202224:00hrs.

  • Certificate of Registration of the Company and the CVs of experts being involved in the assignment outlining relevant qualifications and experience
  • A summarized description of the scope of work and the intended methodology to be used as well as a tentative work plan including activities and time frames.
  • Itemized financial proposal.


Selection procedure:

The offers received will be evaluated against the objective criteria laid out in the tender documents which enable measuring the quality of the tenders and which take into account the price (the tender with the lowest price shall be awarded the highest score for the price criterion). If the company does not meet the minimum requirements for qualification and skills and professional experience, the application will not be shortlisted. Only shortlisted applicants will be invited for the interview.