Private And Public Sectors Should Work More Closely So That ‘Smart’ Becomes ‘Smarter’

The telecommunication sector in our country has become exemplary due to what it has done in the economy. Many developments took place because investments were made in technology and the corresponding infrastructure was created, which became the platform through which many other sectors or sub-sectors in the economy were able to move forward, Ucom CEO Ralph Yirikian told NEWS.am Tech on the sidelines of the Silicon Mountains 2023 international technology summit.

“However, it would be more correct and better if the private and public sectors always cooperate more closely with each other, so that the business understands how to join the state vision of the country’s development in its intelligent way of thinking, so that if there is any new project, the business it will take it into account in its strategy and this or that initiative will be implemented more effectively,” he said.

In this case, according to Yirikian, “smart” will become “smarter”. “But if the business is separate, it will think about introducing such new technologies that its subscribers will enjoy, but this is not enough for a country that wants to really develop, move forward and rank among developed countries.”

Ucom has new strategy and new goal

Ucom has a new strategy, a new goal, which it will pursue and will become an important player in the field of telecommunications in years to come, which will be a stimulus for the development of the economy, says the CEO of the company. “It is not enough to say that digitization is a smart solution, we need to approach this smart idea in a smart way and make the most of it for the benefit of our economy, our country and most importantly, our people.

From now on, we will create solutions within the framework of which we want to make the lives of consumers, other companies, and state institutions easier from a technological point of view. We aim to influence business thinking, because when businesses don’t have management models, it makes no sense to talk about smart solutions.”

Ralph Yirikian participates in the “Smart Business” panel discussion within the framework of the summit, which he considers an important platform for voicing some thoughts, appeals and wishes. “We have to realize that it is not just talking, if we make something sound, we have to make it a reality, because with this we will be able to directly benefit all sectors of the economy, which will benefit the country.”

Days of stamps are in the past

In terms of technological development, according to the Ucom CEO, different sectors are at different levels of development. “Telecommunications has always been close to technological progress, but it cannot do it alone, there must be cooperation between different sectors and the state. We should all be on the same boat and understand the direction to be more creative, again, in favor of the economy and the country.”

The days of stamps are left in the past, says Yirikian. “We cannot stay there with our way of thinking, we must look forward and always calculate 10-15 years ahead, applying the technologies available today, which the telecommunication technologies provide today, we just need to use them. Our way of thinking should be strategic, perspective and it will definitely work. However, if we want to think that our life as a business is good because somewhere there is a stamp in the pocket of someone responsible, we will not move forward, we will stay in the same place.

If the business wants to develop, it must have a unique management model based on value systems and use innovative technologies. There is no need to be afraid of technology, because it is a means, a key, a transport that will lead to a more developed future.”

We and younger generation are lucky to be living through this evolution of technological developments

Innovations are created in the field of telecommunications every day, says Yirikian. “This is a game that is based on technologies that are developing every day. The 5th generation network technologies are being introduced, the 6th generation is already being tested, and in the not too distant future, I am sure, there will be the 7th generation, which is also being tested in the laboratories. These will bring many other changes along with them. A few years ago, we didn’t even imagine that we could have such a speed of connection, have such apps or phones that help us perform many actions. Technology will always evolve and there will be much bigger developments ahead that we will all witness. I think we and the younger generation are lucky in the sense that we are experiencing this evolution of technological developments, which will help us think more prospectively. Future businesses will be the strong driving force that will further advance and develop technologies from a business perspective.”

Everyone has responsibility to support technological development

“We have to look globally։ Where do we want to see our country on the world map in a few years? This is the big goal, which should be divided in layers between business, public sector and citizens. This requires a high-level strategy that is communicated in such a way that we all understand what steps need to be taken at each moment.

Citizen and business intelligence are interrelated. In some cases, the role of the citizen is important, and in others, the role of the business. The idea of unity is important here. For this reason, there must be a global vision around which we will all unite, as many countries have done and succeeded.”