The Presidential Educational Award is given annually to those high-achieving students and pupils who have excelled in education and research work, and can serve as the best incentive for the youth of Armenia to deepen their knowledge in the field and continue the tradition of lifelong engineering excellence of Armenia.

In 2005 Robert Kocharyan, the President of the Republic of Armenia, established the Annual Educational Award of the President of the Republic of Armenia. The Synopsys company and the All-Armenian Fund signed an agreement on granting the Annual Educational Award to the best IT student in Armenia. An awarding committee was appointed by the President. The sponsor of the program is the Synopsys Armenia company.

Those students of the State Engineering University of Armenia, Yerevan State University, the American University of Armenia, the Armenian-Russian University, the Armenian State Pedagogical University after KH. Abovyan, the European Regional Academy, as well as pupils of Yerevan NPUA High School, Physics and Mathematics School after A. Shahinyan adjacent to YSU, Quantum College, Yerevan A. Shirakatsi Lyceum, Gyumri Photon College, Eureka Special School of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Vanadzor, Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex, “Ayb” High School who meet the requirements of the award can become nominees for the educational award.

The Prizes are awarded to the best students and pupils of each educational institution in the following categories:

  • Main Prize
  • Best Graduate Student
  • Best Master’s Student
  • Best Bachelor’s Student
  • Best Participant from Diaspora
  • Best Female Student
  • Best Pupil

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