Artificial Intelligence online course

Along with the development of technology, the use of artificial intelligence in various fields is used worldwide. At the same time, this requires new educational programs to educate a new generation of professionals.

Based on the COVID-19 situation in 2020, through the solicitation of Synopsys, UEICT received a grant from the King Baudouin Foundation United States to introduce the subject of Artificial Intelligence in Armenian high schools. In 2021 the 10th-grade course has already been developed and fully digitized, and in 2022 the 11th-grade curriculum will be developed and digitized.

Discovering STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) for students and giving them the opportunity to study STEM-related regulations and concepts will give them a keen interest in it and a strong desire to find a job in the STEM field.

Teaching STEM subjects in high schools opens up opportunities for teachers and students to become the dictator and driving force of tomorrow. Children with a strong educational background in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics will continue to play an integral role in Armenia’s global competitiveness and economic stability.

In 2015 the curriculum of ICT subjects like IT, Telecommunications, and Microelectronics was introduced in RA high schools, now being implemented in 10 high schools. The program is being realized with the support of Viva-MTS, Unicomp, and Synopsys companies. The introduction of the subject Artificial Intelligence in RA high schools is carried out within the framework of this program.