Development of Regional Centers

Aiming to promote the development of high technologies throughout Armenia, the Union of Employers of ICT together with EIF has been establishing regional centers since 2019. This initiative is being also implemented within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding signed on December 7, 2018 in Gyumri, between the UEICT, the EIF, the EA and the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of RA.

Project Start


EIF, Enterprise Incubator Foundation

The first regional center was established in the city of Gyumri, Shirak region, thus uniting about 8 ICT organizations.

The 2nd one is in Vanadzor town of Lori region, thus uniting 3 ICT related companies.

The aim of the regional centers is to unite the regional ICT and the related sector organizations, to promote cooperation between the organizations and to raise the efficiency of the related spheres by using the ICT toolkit. The regional centers, together with other members of the UEICT will implement a number of regional development programs and other initiatives. The regional centers will independently manage the money generated from the membership fees in their region.

The main goals for developing regional centers are:

  • Strengthen and activate the formation of the community of ICT related companies
  • Develop regional entrepreneurship in the field of ICT and promote creation of new organizations
  • Implement joint programs for regions and Yerevan
  • Integrate regional organizations in Armenian and international markets.

Advantages of joining the Union:

  • Integration into the large Armenian and international ICT community
  • Involvement in programs implemented by the Union
  • Advocacy in the legislative field
  • Involvement in the processes of improving the educational system
  • Mutually beneficial cooperation between the members of the Union
  • Presentation on international platforms.