Silicon Mountains

We aim to position our country in the world as a technologically advanced country with highly qualified specialists offering engineering solutions.

Silicon Mountains is not just a summit․ It is an ideology around which we want to unite as many compassionate people from all over the world as possible.


Silicon Mountains unites not only school and university curricula, but also international technology summits and regional conferences.

We will cover all Armenia spreading qualified technological education, ICT solutions in various sectors of the economy contributing to the strengthening of the country.

This ambitious project is a challenge to the world and to ourselves.

The Silicon Mountains International Tech Summit is a 1-2 day event dedicated to the application of smart solutions in various sectors of the economy.

The event is attended by speakers from Armenia and abroad, panel discussions are held on important topics related to the field and B2B meetings are organized.

Silicon Mountains Regional Tech Conference is held in the regions of Armenia uniting representatives of leading organizations, startups, and regional companies. Within the framework of the event, panel discussions are held aiming to disseminate ICT tools in the regions.

Within the framework of the Silicon Mountains ideology, the Smart Solutions Center was established on the 7th floor of the 9th building of NPUA. It is an inter-university center and all the property, technical and content conditions created therein are available for all students of Armenia.

Various educational programs and training courses are being realized in the center. A coworking space has been created for students, which is well equipped and is always open for hard-working and creative young people.