Smart Solutions Interuniversity Center

The Smart Solutions Center was founded at the National Polytechnic University of Armenia and is an interuniversity center. At this stage, 6 classrooms and 1 coworking space have been renovated and are technically equipped with modern devices.

Project Start

NPUA, Yerevan, Armenia

Smart Solutions Center

General Partner

NPUA, Unicomp, Synopsys Armenia

There are laboratories in these classrooms with the following directions:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Microelectronics
  • Modern ICT infrastructures

The programs will have theoretical, practical, and research orientation preparing students as much as possible for professional work in high-demand interdisciplinary directions.

The center will enable students to design and operate Cybersecurity, Microelectronics, IoT technology, 5G, Smart City, Smart Home, self-controlled devices, Big Data, Infrastructure Security, Machine Learning, AI, etc., based on complicated systems.

The center conducts courses, professional training, and qualification improvement programs for different age groups in the mentioned directions.

One of the main goals of the center is to promote cooperation between the private sector and the university. The general partner of this program is Viva-MTS company.

The curricula will be developed by specialists from leading companies in the field, the existing world-known educational programs will be taken into account as well as the potential of the NPUA.

It is foreseen that the teaching will be carried out by lecturers of the Polytechnic, who will be requalified by specialists with relevant experience and certification.