Startup Movement is initiated by Union of Employers of ICT together with BANA company.

Project Start



Within the scope of the project, we have created a special environment for uncovering talents in our society aimed at systematically forwarding to them important knowledge on marketing, finance, accounting, jurisprudence and, of course, IT spheres. As a result, later startups will be created (2-5 students in a group) offering solutions for ICT, Marketing, HR Management and other spheres. And, most importantly, students are working on two tasks assigned by our partner companies Optym and 10Web. We will support the successful projects to get financial means for their further development.

The Startup Movement project has been established in National Polytechnic University of Armenia (where the coworking space is based) to create and develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Armenian universities, as well as nurture and accelerate successful startups for solving key problems of partner corporations or specific industries.

Problems suggested by our partners within the Startup Movement are the following:

Task from Optym

Task from 10Web

Description of the project:

Startup Movement is a project aimed at creating and developing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Armenian universities. The project is being realized at Smart Solutions Centre based in NPUA territory and is a productive cooperation platform for all educational institutions and representatives of businesses.

Startup Movement has 2 phases:
Phase 1: bootcamp and hackathon for building new startups based on predefined needs of partner corporations or specific industries;
Phase 2: future incubation of formed startups for entering the market and promoting the product.

The project will last for 21 weeks and is free of charge for participants.

Becoming a part of Startup Movement means not only joining the coworking space but also having opportunity to access to the following benefits:

● Education,
● Inspiring work environment surrounded by entrepreneurs,
● Technical assistance and access to multimedia equipment,
● Entrepreneurial support and mentorship,
● Networking activities,
● Provision of products,
● Demo Days for partners,
● Alumni network,
● PR for the incubator and resident startups.

The goals of the project:

• Create entrepreneurial and innovation atmosphere at universities.
• Provide opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and talented students to work on relevant solutions to the ever-increasing demand for innovation.