Starting from the 1-st of September in five more high schools of Armenia Microelectronics, IT and Basics of Telecommunication subjects will be taught

Having already proved its successfulness the pilot project implemented last year by the member-organizations to the Union of ICT Employers is expanding this year.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia signed a memorandum of mutual understanding with the Union of ICT Employers, VivaCell-MTS, Synopsys Armenia and Unicomp, which envisions continuation of strategic cooperation between the state and the large companies representing the information and communications sector and aims to draw the education in the sphere of ICT to a new level in Armenia.

The purpose of the memorandum of mutual understanding is to increase the quality of professional education in the sphere of ICT, as well as to introduce methodology of teaching based on theoretical and practical innovative knowledge accumulated in the companies. According to the memorandum the Ministry of Education and Science undertakes introduction of professional subjects “Microelectronics”, “Basics of Telecommunication” and “Information Technologies” as well as the development and approval of their respective criteria and curricula.

VivaCell-MTS will participate in the development of criteria and curriculum for “Basics of Telecommunication”, as well as will undertake retraining of instructors of the subject.

Synopsys Armenia will contribute to the development of subject criteria and curriculum for the “Microelectronics” and will also organize retraining of instructors of this subject.

Unicomp will develop criteria and curriculum of “Information Technologies”, will organize the retraining of instructors for “Microelectronics”, as well as will equip the labs for “Microelectronics”, “Information Technologies” and “Basics of Telecommunication” and the computer networks.

The Memorandum of Understanding envisions implementation of the educational program in five more institutions within this year, including Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educomplex, N198 high school, N105 high school, high school of the Gyumri branch of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia and the “Usmunq” School of the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University.

“Our main partner companies of IT sphere not only foster the development of the sphere by their professional activities but also become a  basis for improving the quality of educational system. It is such a sphere which brings a multiplication effect and affected/applies to the all branches of our education. Basically we see the result in schools, in baccalaureate and master programs. I am sure that through the consistent work of our colleagues will feel the impact to the way from science and higher education to the labor market. This cooperation is very important for us and I want to thank our partners”, said the Minister of Education and Science of RA Levon Mkrtchyan.

On the focus of the Union of ICT Employers is initiatives that are targeted the professional education. Therefore in the focus of our Union are the projects which helps children in professional orientation, providing them with basic knowledge from qualified teachers. This project started in 2015 and this year will be implemented in 10 schools of Armenia”, mentioned Executive Director of the Union of ICT Employers, Lilit Gevorgyan.