UEICT Board Attends The Meeting With The Minister of HTI, Mkhitar Hayrapetyan To Discuss The Draft Legislative Package Aimed At The Development Of The Industry

Minister of High-Tech Industry of the RA Mkhitar Hayrapetyan had a meeting with representatives of technology companies on February 8.

This was the Minister’s first meeting in such a format with companies, international organizations, and unions representing the technological community.

Mkhitar Hayrapetyan referred to the need for practical steps to promote and support the development of information and communication (ICT) and high technology sectors, emphasizing the exchange of ideas in this format and expressing hope that cooperation with representatives of the technological community will be continuous.

During the meeting held under the leadership of the minister, the draft legislative package aimed at promoting the development of the IT and high-tech sectors in Armenia, which were developed with the joint efforts of the sector companies and the support of international organizations, was discussed.

Mkhitar Hayrapetyan presented the steps in the development and adoption of the legislative package, noting that after discussion and completion, the projects of the legislative package will be introduced to the office of Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Khachatryan.

“As you know, for a long time there have been questions in various public perceptions as to why the government shows a special attitude to this or that sector of the economy. It is very important to show that the development of the sector, the concentration of more resources in this sector is in the interests of every citizen,”- the Minister noted.

In developing the working versions of the drafts, the authors studied the dynamics of the development of the IT and ICT sectors in Armenia, economic indicators, the turnover and potential of the sector, the general economic environment, considering different scenarios of the proposed economic impact. The draft law also defines the high-tech sector, including the IT and engineering sectors.

The participants of the meeting expressed their point of view on the proposed draft law. The issues of encouraging research and development enterprises, promoting professional education, and inflow/outflow of brains were among the discussed topics.

It was noted that several scenarios of the draft law aimed at promoting the development of IT and high-tech sectors will be introduced to the Minister in the near future, which will include the opinions of all interested parties, including the technological community and other beneficiaries.