UEICT Board Meets With The Minister of HTI Mr. Mkhitar Hayrapetyan

On February 15, the Board of UEICT met with the Minister of High-Tech Industry of RA, Mr. Mkhitar Hayrapetyan, Deputy Minister Mr. Ruben Simonyan and expert Mr. Edgar Baghdasaryan.

The President of the Union, Armen Baldryan, on behalf of the Union, welcomed and congratulated the Minister on his appointment and assured that UEICT is ready for constructive and partnership cooperation with the the Ministry of High-Tech Industry, aimed at the implementation of the most ambitious projects and the high-tech development of Armenia.

The Executive Director of UEICT, Eduard Musayelyan and the members of Board and Union presented to the Minister the activities, programs and initiatives implemented by their companies.

Mr. Mkhitar Hayrapetyan emphasized the cooperation between the Ministry and the ICT community, presented his vision regarding the development of the sector and the role of high technologies and research activities in the economy of Armenia.

An agreement was reached to make the cooperation between the Ministry of HTI and UEICT more efficient and intensive. In the shortest possible time, through constructive cooperation with all interested parties, form and adopt a high-tech and scientific development strategy for Armenia to ensure visible and significant technological developments in Armenia.