UEICT Participated In A Public Discussion Of The Legislative Initiative For The Development Of The High-tech Sector

On February 23, a public discussion of the legislative initiative for the development of the high-tech sector took place at the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the RA. The President of UEICT Armen Baldryan, the UEICT Board members Hovik Musayelyan, Hayk Faramazyan and UEICT member Armen Ter-Tatshatyan, and other representatives of the sector unions and the technological community participated.

Deputy Minister of High-Tech Industry of the RA Ruben Simonyan participated at the meeting. He emphasized the importance of meetings in this format and direct dialogue with the community.

During the discussion, the economic justifications of the legislative initiative, the growth dynamics of the high-tech sector in 2018-2022 due to tax benefits, the positive impact of high-tech sector development on various spheres of the economy were presented.

The issues raised during this and previous public discussions, the concerns, thoughts and suggestions related to the development of the sector will be taken into account within the framework of this legislative initiative.